Our collaboration always begins on the imaginary path traced in your Stylist’s sketchbook...
As a technical support for your creation, we will work alongside you in the spirit of your inspiration, to refine your « terra-incognita».

LAMP STAND by Mattia bonetti

Lamp Stand in ceramic hand decorated based on gold or platinium incapsulated with bronze and plexiglass.


Medallions of the theme "Little nemo" enamelled faience and hand decorated.

Défilé Jean Paul Gaultier juillet 2019

Admire one of Jean Paul Gaultier's latest creations from his last parade in July 2019

Janvier 2017

Caruso Menswear Italy 2016

"Primavera Estate 2016" for men.       

Maison Rabih Kayrouz 2015

Our ceramics hand-rolled buttons-pearls decorate Rabih Kayrouz Fall Winter 2015.

Barrie Knitwear FW 2014 and 2015

For those two collections, we decorate some prestigious models with our hand-painted buttons.

Jewel creation for Lanvin SS 2015

Necklace plastron Cat and Monkey.

Lucy Kepp creation 2016-2015-2014

Dior 2012

For Dior, floral elegance in Spring 2012

Flower-jewels made of porcelain, rich-coloured scents blooming as nature evolves : our workshop creates each flower by hand by shaping petals, one after another, and assembling them with great care.

The nuanced enamel of each blossom resonates within its decor, which it subtly accentuates and enlivens.

Yves Saint-Laurent

Jewelleries for Louis Vuitton

Pin air, bracelet, pendant, pearl coral for Louis Vuitton

Jewelleries for Nina Ricci

Bracelet and plastron for Nina Ricci

Jewelleries for Christian Lacroix

Pins for Christian Lacroix

Jewelleries for National Museums of France

Earrings from "la Parisienne" for National Museums of France

Jewelleries for National Museums of France

Pendant from "la femme au singe" for National Museums of France.

Jewelleries for Yves Saint-Laurent

Pendant, earrings, pendant for Yves Saint-Laurent