Yann Pétillault
Yann Pétillault

A professional artist based in the Centre region of France, Yann Petillault has been a longtime partner of Haute Couture fashion houses. Quality and finesse have been the hallmark of his work for over 30 years.

His unique craftsmanship has been recognized by the national label « Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant » or EPV, attributed to only the finest of artisans.

Yann Petillault’s mastery of the various steps of Porcelain production, and the skill with which they are implemented, are particularly rare nowadays.

The company’s work has been recognized as an important aesthetic contribution within the field.

An artistic passion led Yann Petillault to master diverse techniques from ceramic miniatures to larger pieces.

Parcours Artistique

His first steps in the world of Fashion were the creations in the Haute Couture ceramics workshop of the « Parurier » Jacques Hurel, creator of accessories and jewelry specifically for Haute Couture fashion houses.

In 2001, Yann Petillault launched his own independent brand. His work has adorned collections of designers including Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, Lacroix, Balmain, Ungaro, Féraud, Lanvin, Loulou de la Falaise... His works have gained an international presence through Mazzucchelli in Italy.

For the last 13 years, he has created two collections per year that are met with the greatest success on the international accessories scene.

His workshop is reknowned for the quality of materials used : porcelain and earthenware. Transformed into liquid pastes or stamped into molds created for and adapted to the requirements of stylists, they become the buttons and cabochons of your choice made in the highest level of quality.

His knowledge of enamel techniques allows and endless palette of colours, textures and materials. Embellishments added exclusively by hand complement the use of precious metals, lustres and resins and serve to puncuate a rock-like granite, a soft glaze, an brushed or crackled aluminum finish, cloisonné, a tanned leather texture or a myriad of precious stones.

From Haute Couture fashions to decorative elements such as doorknobs, the quality of production is guaranteed by a lifetime of work for the most demanding clients.

An echo of your creative vision, Yann Petillault will work alongside you in the pursuit of excellence.

Embellishments, sizes, designs: our techniques are rooted in innovation, and allow an infinite kaleidoscope of styles.

Our workshop offers the advantage of reasonable production :
the artisanal scale of our activity allows total adaptability to your needs in terms of creation and production.

Whatever the volume of production, we can meet all the requirements of your Collection :
research, design, development, quality, timetable.